Branding your business with a consistent look will increase the comfort level of doing business with you from the point of view of customers and potential buyers.

From your website, social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare, your signage and business interior, all of these factors play a role in branding your business. A consistent look tells customers that you are professional, organized and someone who is safe to spend money with.

Do your brochures and menus represent your business? Or are they not representative of the business you have become? Have you grown your business into a million dollar brand but your website was made by your nephew for a few hundred bucks? When was the last time you took a look at all of the elements that make up your brand? If it has been a while, take a step back and look things over.

brandingDoes your website design match the design of your business? Are you brochures and marketing material of the same high quality that your business is? Does the exterior of your business give potential customers who drive by the correct impression? All of these elements cause potential buyers and existing customers to form impressions about you.  And in this economy when customers are on shaky ground, you want them to be the right impressions.

While customer service may make up for some branding flaws, it will not get customers in the door initially. Does your branding and marketing message speak of your business goal? What is your business selling? Don’t say a product, thing of comfort, speed, convenience, professionalism.

An often overlooked but equally import aspect of business branding is you, the business owner. How you portray yourself, communicate with customers and employees all tie into your business image. Do you look the part of someone who would own a business like yours? Take a few minutes to examine your image because this is also how customers view your business.

With all of the different marketing mediums available today there are more places than ever to attract new customers and market to your existing customer base. People should be able to easily recognize your business, not by name alone but also through your branding. If I see a yellow and red signage or restaurant interior I instantly think of McDonalds without seeing a name. By conveying a high quality image with consistency across marketing platforms, your business signage, interior and exterior, social media sites and yourself, this will brand your business in your customer’s eyes and lead to increased sales, lower customer attrition and higher loyalty. Stand out from your competition today by creating a brand that leads your market in your city.