Internet Marketing

When we move into the internet marketing phase. Our clients receive:

  • Creation & Distribution of Video
  • Creation & Distribution of Press Releases
  • Creation & Distribution of Articles

You may have heard the term "backlinks" and in relation to SEO and keeping your site high in the listings there is no other process that will ensure your long term success. Backlinks are basically just links on other websites that are directed to your website. So when a browser clicks on one of these links they are directed to one of the pages on your site. Search engines like Google take the number of backlinks to your site as an indication of the popularity or importance of your site.

So, with this in mind, our clients will also receive:

  • Social Bookmarking Campaign
  • Directory Submission Campaign
  • Authority Site Linking Campaign
  • General Link Building Campaign

Online video marketing is the key to not only effectively communicating your message but also to improving your ranking in the search listings and being found by your target audience. Video marketing allows you to compete with larger competitors. You can showcase products and customer testimonials and increase your search ranking success with the combined use of keywords and video marketing.

At the beginning of the online marketing stage we will set up social media accounts with:

and optimize these for the ongoing marketing which will involve distribution of videos, articles and press releases. As part of the process we will also:

  • Create 30 second Promotional Videos
  • Create Press Releases
  • Create Keyword Optimized Articles


We thoroughly research your market. Market and keyword research is the most important stage in developing an online presence.


We optimize your website content and marketing campaign. Essential modifications and additions are made prior to optimizing all content.


We communicate with your market by integrating articles and press releases with video marketing and social media campaigns.


We analyze and measure our progress and tweak the campaign to allow us to perfect the process for your individual needs.