Keyword Research

Do you use a search facility on the internet? Stupid question? Maybe. Chances are you use Google. I use Google hundreds of times a day to find products, company information, restaurants, cinemas, holidays, flowers and presents and anything else I need to find. But it hasn't always been this way ...

Years ago, before Google came along, I used to pick up the Yellow Pages and flick through to find what I was looking for. This was quite often a long and laborious task. These days, most people don't use Yellow Page type directories anymore. And soon they will become obsolete. Honestly ... if you think this young generation are going to bother with anything so backward that doesn't involve a smartphone or gadget with internet access you are living in the past!

A search engine, like Google, will return results based on relevant sites it has listed in it's index, focusing on the keywords you type into the search box. Let's assume for a minute that I search for "keyword research tool". If you operate a website selling a keyword research tool, but on your site your most used keyword was internet research tool, then your site wouldn't come up in my search and you would miss out on a potential sale.

This is where keyword research is so important. It allows the right target audience to find you. You have quite a bit of control over that audience just by focusing on different keywords that are relavent to what you are selling. You then need to have different pages focusing on different keywords so that you can optimize each page to its specific audience.

Target the right words and you will be able to drive large amounts of qualified traffic to your site. These visits (traffic) don't always come from words like "plumber", but rather they come from longer search terms (long tail phrases) like "emergency plumber london". With the longer phrase, you have more of an idea of what the searcher is looking for and this allows you to be super targeted on your page. This also means that you may get less visitors but the traffic you do get will convert at a higher rate.

Keyword research is the most important stage in developing an online presence. Get this research wrong or worse still, don't carry out any research at all and your online marketing may produce zero positive results. Get it right and you could see your website on page one of Google's search results within a week or two. Good research is the difference between a website that is never found and one that becomes a huge success.

Did you know that over 50% of the world's population are under 30 years old?

Keyword research will become even more important in the years ahead as the young generation, who are totally internet savvy, get their information and purchase their goods and services direct from their phones and smart gadgets.

The keyword research allows us to analyze your competitors and get a handle on exactly what we need to do to outrank them. Keyword and market research is the first phase in our campaigns. Now read about the next stage . . . Website Development.


We thoroughly research your market. Market and keyword research is the most important stage in developing an online presence.


We optimize your website content and marketing campaign. Essential modifications and additions are made prior to optimizing all content.


We communicate with your market by integrating articles and press releases with video marketing and social media campaigns.


We analyze and measure our progress and tweak the campaign to allow us to perfect the process for your individual needs.