Text Marketing / SMS Marketing

Take a quick look at the short video below to see why you need to incorporate mobile as a part of your marketing strategy.

Marketing has evolved rapidly over the last few years. Most businesses now have their own website. Some of them have been optimised to appear at the head of the search results when people are searching for their services in their local area.
Those that are not, should be! See our marketing services to find out how we can help you if your website is not driving the new business that it should be.

But now there is a new form of marketing, more powerful even than the internet.

And the chances are that you and your competitors are not using this new wave of marketing in your businesses.

Just about everybody has one. They have it with them all the time. And when it rings or beeps, they look at it straight away to see what’s happening. Of course, it is the mobile phone. If you are wondering whether you should be using mobile marketing in your business, take a look at these statistics . . .

  • 4.3 Billion text messages are sent EVERY DAY in the US
  • Open rates for text messages are at 97% (as opposed to 5-20% for email
  • 83% of text messages are opened within the first 15 minutes!
  • The amount of text messages sent, out-number phone calls!
  • By 2013, more people will access the web using their phones than by PC
  • Mobile shopping will balloon by $119B by 2015
  • 975 million mobile web users expected by 2012

Imagine being able to send a marketing message to customers as they pass your shop.

The proximity marketing solution relies on Bluetooth® advertising (BlueCasting). Studies show that a very high percentage of possible customers now are carrying cell-phones that are Bluetooth® enabled (Up to 80%). Proximity marketing relies on this fact to work as a devoted employee to your business. It will keep monitoring your business area waiting for a new possible customer and when this customer approaches, it will offer him to receive a video promotion, a photo or even a special offer or your business card! Many business owners are utilizing this fact to gain more exposure to their business and now you can do the same using our proximity marketing solution.

Proximity marketing provides you with the means to contact any possible customer who's approaching your advertising range. If you sent those customers good inviting messages or promotions, it would definitely work for you and you'll start getting more and more exposure every day, all year long and all for free. It doesn't get any better, does it?

Our system has a lot of features that you can't find in any other product in the market. We did extensive research to learn about all the products available in the market before creating our system. We're the only Bluetooth® marketing system that has all the features that your business will ever need.

Main Features:

  • You can use it to advertise your business 24/7 all year long for FRE
  • Our basic system can publish advertisements in a range of up to 100 meters (Depending on your Bluetooth® hardware)
  • Our advanced system can publish advertisements in a range of up to 250 meters
  • Publish advertisements simultaneously for up to 7 devices (28 with the advanced system
  • Basic system works under Microsoft Windows. This means that any computer can be used to publish your advertisements
  • Requires permission from the device before sending advertisements. No spamming is allowed!
  • Create multiple advertising campaigns
  • A single campaign can have more than one running advertisement at the same time
  • Can send different types of advertisements including:-
  • Text
  • Still Images
  • Animated images
  • Audio Files
  • Video Clips
  • Business Cards
  • Calendar Events
  • Java Applications and Games
  • Log file to store all the events while the system is running
  • Full reports to help you analyze the campaigns performance
  • Inexpensive advertising system

Here's Some Mobile Facts For You