Total Internet Marketing

web design newquay utilize a highly efficient strategy for getting your message in front of the correct local audience.

Essential Market & Keyword Research Will Form The Basis Of The Campaign

First, we use a proprietary method for identifying how your audience is searching for you and develop a list of target keywords. We also consider other key metrics, such as competition levels, to better understand your market. Armed with our research we then move on to the preparation phase.

Now We Prepare Various Media For The Campaign

Our research in the previous stage allows us to identify keyword domains which are purchased for the campaign. Stable website and email hosting is set up and a Content Management System is installed as well as various plugins. Analytical tools are setup and we begin creating and gathering media (images, videos, documents, etc).

We begin to develop your business presence on Facebook with a fanpage and move on to setup a YouTube channel, a Linkedin Profile, and a Twitter account.

Our Goal Here Is To Prepare A Fully Optimized & Indexed Authority Website

We set up a dynamic website focused on lead generation and add relevant images and videos and incorporate your logo. We add an email autoresponder system and incorporate social media sharing and bookmarking. We then begin developing the website content and focus on fully optimizing the site.

We concentrate on getting the pages indexed and begin building backlinks using social bookmarking, press releases, video and article distribution and directory submission. We also optimize your Google+ page and setup a mobile edition of your new site so that it can be accessed by smartphones and other new devices.

Our Ultimate Goal Is Niche Dominance By Dominating The Search Listings

With the lead generation website now looking professional we begin a five pronged marketing campaign which includes:

  • Article & Press Release Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Backlink Building

We start to create and distribute sales and promotional videos and deliver press releases throughout the internet. We also create and distribute articles about your business and industry and incorporate a social media campaign. We develop the link building campaign which continues as long as you remain our client.

Our goal is first page rankings in the organic search engines and Google/Bing/Yahoo Local listings.

We Analyze The Results And Test New Ideas

Our ongoing research, tracking and monitoring allows us to gather information about your website visitors and potential customers which in turn allows us to tweak your site and online marketing plan. We gather feedback and reviews and incorporate this into the media distribution plan.

We continue to keep the website platform, framework and plugins updated and the website secure. Also as part of the campaign maintenance, we run regular SEO audits to identify opportunities.

Our regular ongoing marketing tasks include backlink building, article and video marketing and press releases.

We only work with a small number of clients at any one time.

This allows us to focus on your business and help you develop your online presense. Call us today and lets talk about how we can help you to better market your business in your local area.