Website Development

The internet is a pretty exciting place these days. Traditional "business brochure" type websites are dying and the new, dynamic and interactive websites are in. But it's all very well having an "all bells and whistles" website but a beautiful looking site that does not generate leads or sales is a waste of money and resources. So, as a business owner or product marketer what can you do to ensure you have a successful internet presence?

Well, the first thing is to make sure that your website is optimized for lead generation and sales. Let's face it, the purpose of the site is to get potential customers to pick up the phone and call you or enter their email address so that you can contact them at a later date.

At the Web Development stage, our customers receive:

  • Keyword Domain Names if necessary
  • A Dynamic Lead Generating Website
  • Search Engine Optimization Package
  • Fully Optimized Google Places, Yahoo & Bing Local Listings
  • Installation or tweaking of the Autoresponder/List Management System

At this stage you may have a few questions . . .

  • Why should your site be concerned with Search Engine Optimization?
  • Why is it vital to set up an autoresponder system?
  • Why should you be concerned with Social Media and Video Marketing?

Watch this video . . .



After developing and optimizing the content on your site we move on to marketing and promoting. So begins the digital marketing campaign.


We thoroughly research your market. Market and keyword research is the most important stage in developing an online presence.


We optimize your website content and marketing campaign. Essential modifications and additions are made prior to optimizing all content.


We communicate with your market by integrating articles and press releases with video marketing and social media campaigns.


We analyze and measure our progress and tweak the campaign to allow us to perfect the process for your individual needs.